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The Importance of Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

These early pioneers of thought were ahead of their time and were ridiculed by people of the day, as is usual. Never the less, the seeds were planted and these ideas were nurtured by those that followed, so that today we find the belief that our thoughts create our reality has now become mainstream.

Now, I would like to make one very important distinction, because even though is has become widely accepted as fact that our thoughts create our reality, there is one vital, often overlooked piece of information that is the key to us creating the actual reality we choose.

Addressing our thoughts is not enough, it is the degree to which the subconscious mind contributes to the creation of our thoughts and therefore both our internal state and our external reality that is most important and mostly determines both what we create and the quality of our lives.

For this reason finding out what the subconscious beliefs are and changing those that do not serve us, to beliefs that do serve us is paramount.

Paramount if we are to create the reality our conscious mind wants. Let me explain. Our mental images and thoughts, which also includes our self talk or what we tell ourselves in our mind, creates our internal state and our external reality.

the importance of reprogramming the subconscious mindNow although most of us have figured this out by now, why then are the majority of us still living lives that are not what we consciously want or that are not at the level we consciously desire?

The reason is that most of us are still living by default. By default, I mean that our habitual focus and directive is unconscious.

A good analogy of this would be that of a vehicle with two people in it. The conscious mind is the driver and the subconscious mind is the passenger.

Both are sitting in the vehicle with the intention of heading in a certain direction to a certain destination, and the driver thinks that the passenger wants to go to the same destination. Seems fairly straight forward doesn’t it.

But we, as the driver of our lives are not actually in control of where the car goes or how it gets there and without realizing it, we go off course.Who’s Driving This Baby Then?What the driver (or conscious mind) is unaware of though, is that the passenger (the subconscious mind) is actually doing the navigating and has his or her own agenda based on his or her beliefs.

Most of the trip the passenger (the subconscious mind) is actually doing the navigating and choosing where the vehicle ends up, as well as choosing the details and thus the experience of the journey.

This includes when or if the vehicle stops, whether they pick up passengers or not, who the passengers are and sometimes when they are even to get out.

how important it is to reprogram your subconscious mind?
As well as what direction the vehicle is taking and whether they even get to the destination the driver is aiming for or somewhere entirely different.

In fact, sometimes the vehicle will just continue over the same roads again and again not getting to the destination, or drive in circles, or even stay parked!

When you read this analogy it’s pretty clear as to what is happening in our lives at times. It’s then quite easy to laugh at ourselves and our unconscious behaviors, once we become aware of what we are actually doing.

The results of our subconscious programming can become very obvious and also the effect it can have on the quality of our lives.

It’s also a relief, because once we become aware, we can make the necessary changes that enable us to put ourselves back into the drivers seat.“Our subconscious mind must be reprogrammed  if it is to become our partner and ally on the journey of life,  For us to create the type and quality of life we truly desire and deserve.”

How & Why We Need To Change Subconscious Beliefs?

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It has a huge impact on all areas of our lives. Sometimes the effect is beneficial, sometimes it’s detrimental. This is why it’s so important to tap into it, to find out what beliefs are actually doing the navigating in the different ares of our lives.

Then to change some of those beliefs, those that are not serving our best interest, so the navigator is assisting the driver in a beneficial way, and both are heading in the same direction and to the same destination.

Stating or holding the intention to consciously direct our lives is not enough. It needs to go deeper, with our intention being guided by our own consciousness awareness that is in alignment with our subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and/or guided by a Higher Consciousness that IS aware.

That’s why affirmations by themselves don’t work all the time, although they can still be beneficial. They too need to be guided by a higher awareness to work.

Therefore our subconscious mind must be reprogrammed if it is to become our partner and ally on the journey of life, for us to create the type and quality of life we truly desire and deserve.

Source: InnerOuterPeace

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