Monday, March 7, 2016

Dealing With Fear

Dealing with fearWhat is fear?

Fear is nothing but a thought that arises because of identification with the body and mind.

Fear is duality, when you Awake to the Self there is no fear because there is no other than That.

Fear is the father and mother of loss.

Fear arises due to comparison, and it comes about because you feel separated from the world.

Fear is the father and mother of loss. the fact is if you desire nothing and become desireless you cannot have fear.
If you are truly nothing and empty of the ego there is nothing that can scare you because the “you” is no more. It does not exist as the body and mind. There is no identification with the body and mind. And it is simpler to achieve this than you think as you are already that. All that is needed is faith in the MASTER and his teachings.

The desire to kill the ego is what it required to become fearless. With fearlessness there is freedom. Freedom from the pain and fears or life. Steps to understanding fear. See that everything is nothing, nothing has independent existence and so does not exist separate from your Self.

If you close your eyes the world is not there but there is a You there underlying that experience. that you is without an identity of body and mind. Abide in that and be fearless.
Fear is a thought, specifically it a thought of the future or past projected to the now. It does not exist. In the now there is nothing.
Be desireless and thought and fear goes away.

dealing with your fears
You want to be naked, take away all the concepts you have of your self, that you are a body, mind, that you have a form or name , that you need anything,. When empty you can’t fear because there is nothing that can be taken from you.

You should welcome all fears as thoughts and challenge the thought to take the maximum away from you. After all when all is gone what remains is indestructible and is your true nature.

Good and bad, sin and virtue are the result of the fear of loss an losing pocessions. These are also the children of desire. Get rid of the one who is desiring and sin and virtue will both dissipate and peace or your real nature shines and replaces it all.

An example of fear is that you fear to do bad because you fear the consequences that come with it which usually results in things being taken away from you. When you know you are nothing and everything nothing can be taken from you because nothing is yours.And when you know you are everything there is nothing you will want.This is the essence of Self Realization knowing oneself.

Fear is understood by knowing that all you see is a thought and not separate from you. It is knowledge and should be forgotten. Have devotion by not giving rise to a single thought. Devotion is to negate your existence as a body and mind. Faith in the master who is the self is devotion, surrender to him and fear goes away.

Traditional methods of getting rid of fear cannot work long term because they do not get rid of the problem—which is the person or ego fearing.

Once the "I" that fears if removed you will never fear anything again.

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